T Day Meal Inspiration #1

Wondering what you can eat at Thanksgiving shouldn’t be stressful.   Check out the menu below for ideas about what to prepare or to contribute to your feast. No recipes are provided.  You can find many versions of these recipes via an internet search or trip to your favorite cookbook. 

(I will post a new menu every couple days or so prior to Thanksgiving.)

In some instances, the suggestions are simply flights of fancy, and I would welcome your contributions.  (Message me!)   Keep in mind that the headings below (e.g., “Homemade”) are simply descriptive and serve mostly to distinguish one menu from the next.  Don’t take them too much to heart.  

And, don’t get all wrapped up in having to have appetizers, soup and salad courses.  Just do what you want.  The suggestions below are only for ideas.  They are not prescriptions. 

Finally, I realize that some of these suggestions sound preposterous.  Well, that is what is so fun about cooking (at least for me).  If something seems too weird, just skip it and go on to the next.  I hope that these menus will help you channel your own creativity.  Don’t let it stress you out, just adapt what you like.  Your loved ones will appreciate your effort.

I promise you, it will be awesome!

Menu #1:  Homemade

  • Appetizer: Cheese plate with prosciutto wrapped melon, olives, nuts
  • Soup: Oyster stew
  • Main: Roasted turkey (apple cider brine)
  • Sides: Apple/raisin/fennel/sourdough bread dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, Brussels sprouts with almonds and lemon zest
  • Salad: Wedge salad with blue cheese dressing and cranberry/orange compote
  • Dessert:  Pumpkin pie   

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