Gramala Instant Pot Dolmades

If there ever was a dish that exemplified the motto of Butternutplace— “Stay Briny”—it would have to be dolmades!

Instant Pot Short Ribs

There’s so much to love about short ribs. They are meaty, flavorful, filling, and versatile.

Weekday Crab Cake Salad

OK, this does not sound like an easy-peasy dinner, but I assure you it is as easy as making a tuna sandwich.

The Happy Hollandaise Recipe

This is a XXX rated sauce! I have tried numerous hollandaise recipes, but none are as easy or a fool-proof as this simple one from the Sunset Cook Book of Favorite Recipes.  This makes a great blanket for your eggs Benedict or filet mignon. (I could go on and on with other allusions, but this…

Yummy Easy Chocolate Mousse

This  recipe is superbly yummy and relatively easy.  It does not demand the cooking and stirring of the egg custard.  Make it the day before and refrigerate it to allow time to set up properly.  Very easy to double to serve more folks. Makes 2 cups (about 4 servings) 4 oz semisweet chocolate chips1 egg,…