I’m Stacey, born at the tail end of the baby boom.   I am rather inept with WordPress, buy things on EBay that I never needed, take pictures constantly of food, envision myself as the kind of woman who makes cheesecake (but never do), have been known to spend an entire holiday break butchering a pig, and love canoeing.  Both my children are above average and are going to save civilization.    I started this blog as a way to pay for the restoration of Number One Son’s 1966 VW Samba Bus.  So far, I’ve made about $8.42. (But the bus runs thanks to Mr. Artifact-hubby.)   I rock!  (Although, I have been called narcissistic–so unfair.)   This is all to say that this blog is a recipe for disaster.

But, since you’ve read this far, here is what this blog is really about:

Butternutplace is a blog about life on the modern homestead, complete with  livestock adventures, gardening misadventures, anything with bacon, preserving the harvest, reflections on the agrarian ideal, and all other manner of odd-ball things.

My posts mainly have to do with food, and I note which ones are friendly to two  healthy eating traditions:  those as described  by Weston Price , DDS (well known through Sally Fallon Morrel’s Nourishing Traditions) and those articulated in The Plant Paradox Program (by Steven R. Gundry, MD).  (No endorsement from either is implied.)

Occasional flirtations with poetry and old books  are included gratis thanks to a chronic affliction as an English major.

This blog is in many ways an homage to my grandparents, who named their antiques shop Butternut Place, and whose devotion to God, family, hard work, and rhubarb has provided their descendants with an abundant and good life. . . and enough leftovers to feed the entire congregation.

Stay briny,


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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome!


  2. rileyfaith623 says:

    Very witty! I am so glad I had you write all of my high school papers 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. morganfo says:

      I’m just a good editor.


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