Replies to Reptiles

 History shows again and again how Nature shows up the folly of Man.Go, go Godzilla!  Did you ever notice how similar the word “Reptiles” is to “Replies”? The next time you are tempted to hit “Reply” quickly to an email, think about this. –Love, Godzilla

Cheese Grits Life Line

I had the most wonderful phone call today from my friend Ronald.  He called to say Merry Christmas and that he wondered if I could come to California to make fried chicken, waffles and cheese grits. I worked with Ronald for 9 years in California before moving to Washington.  On the last working day prior…

Kiss My Quinoa

Quinoa looks like little spaceships or some weird sort of twisted germ when cooked.

Imagine: When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d

Imagine  December 1980 and the junior English class at CK McClatchy High School (Sacramento, CA).   I can.  I was the student teacher for this course.  After having prodded the depths of Jonathan Edwards and Washington Irving, we had moved on to Walt Whitman.  What could I impart to a bunch of 17 year old students? …

Turkey Oola (turkey part deux)

This dish is the capstone to the T-Day experience.  The big bonus is that you really do not need a recipe—it is more a method.