The Weekly Eater #3

This is another sadistic post where I share pictures with very few recipes! These posts are intended to help you identify fun new foods to eat and to inspire you to create your own dishes. Get those old cookbooks out, explore the internet, and channel your inner chef-y self. For me: I’m loving those blackberries in my breakfast salad!

As a reminder, I note which dishes are Wise Traditions (Weston Price Foundation) friendly with the WT notation, and which are Plant Paradox (Dr. Gundry) friendly with the PP notation. Vegetarian dishes are noted with a V. In these offerings below, most are Wise Traditions friendly.

See also the Weekly Eater series 1 & the Weekly Eater series 2.

Stay briny,


Links mentioned:

Cho Lon Chicken

Homemade Mayonnaise


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