Focaccia Whimsy

I had forgotten how much I love focaccia.  I saw a picture recently of a whimsically decorated focaccia with herbs and veggies.   I’ve been so eager to try my hand at this.  And, I can now report that it’s remarkably easy to do. 

Simply place your artwork on top of your prepared dough, press to ensure it will stick, liberally brush with olive oil, then pop it in the oven. 

I used parsley leaves, chives, red onion, mushrooms, and orange peppers.   I have to say that while the whole chive blossom looked great prior to baking, it just turned into a brownish and unremarkable bon-bon after cooking.  The deconstructed chive blossoms fared much better.  I might just have to make another one!  The possibilities might be infinite.

Here are some ideas:

Artichoke heartsBok choy
OlivesTomatoes (fresh or sundried)
Red onionMushrooms
Fennel frondsBacon
Baby cornBroccoli

You will find good success with your favorite recipe.  In case you don’t have a favorite yet, here is the recipe for sourdough focaccia from The Perfect Loaf.

Stay briny,



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