Going to the Dogs

My hypothesis: one can feed pets high quality homemade food, superior to most commercially produced food, for the same price or less.

Risky Chicken

The best of all briny dishes, Risky Chicken traverses the globe with its combination of earthy roots, olives and preserved lemons.

Broth Diary 2015

The penultimate post about broth where I finally figure out what I’m doing.

Broth Pageant

Chicken carcasses and an old ham bone transformed.

Peach and Mint Sunday Chicken

When I was in college, my roommate Pam was the orchestrator of most of our meals.   There were four of us girls in a two bedroom apartment, and we organized ourselves into cooking/shopping and cleaning teams.   We had $30 per week to spend on groceries.(Don’t  try to figure this out, but suffice it to say…