Unholy Mole (Turkey Mole Tostados)

Yes, I know I did it completely wrong. Aside from getting Doña Maria to make my mole sauce, I put it on a tostada. I did use turkey, though. I will admit that Maria knows what she is doing, as the jar of sauce was 5 years past its best-by date. I guess this proves that anything with chiles in it will last a very long time!

I did make a couple adjustments to Maria’s jarred sauce. I guess you could say that this was a “gain of function” experiment. First, I was blessed that the oil had separated from the solids. This happens even with a new jar. I poured off the oil because it was soybean oil, which is loathsome and bad for you. I added back some sesame oil instead. Did this completely get rid of the soybean oil? Probably not. Second, I used the turkey broth (that came from my poaching a turkey breast) to thin it out. Third, for more sweetness, I added some dried dates and whirred it all in my Blendtec.

No recipe here, just the process:

  • Poach a turkey breast in water and salt until it is shredable. I used my InstantPot.
  • Heat the mole with 4 x the amount of liquid as mole paste. (Note, use the turkey poaching liquid.)
  • Add shredded turkey to mole. BTW, this makes enough sauce for an entire turkey, so you may want to hold some back.
  • Fry up some corn tortillas and lightly salt them. I think this would work great with nachos also.
  • Get your toppings ready: cheese, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, avocado, sour cream, cilantro. Whatever you fancy.
  • Top fried corn tortillas with mole, then cheese, then all your toppings.

That’s it folks.

Stay briny,



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