Plantain Lovely Hash

Make this for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner.  Put an egg on it.  You can’t go wrong.

Glorious Halibut

With a diet replete in small crustaceans, the halibut is the Kobe beef of the sea. 

Risky Chicken

The best of all briny dishes, Risky Chicken traverses the globe with its combination of earthy roots, olives and preserved lemons.

Broth Diary 2015

The penultimate post about broth where I finally figure out what I’m doing.

What’s Going On? Kimchi

Talk to me, so you can see Oh, what’s going on I was tempted to relax on the front porch swing, reading about Sunset Magazine’s recommendations for awesome National Parks and watching Mr. Artifact refinish another chair.  However, a news story about the tragedy in South Korea was fresh in my mind.  Earthquake?  Mudslide? Famine? …