Brunch in a Time of Quarantine

I would love to invite you over for brunch!  Dinner is great also (see here a favorite supper poem by Ben Jonson), but it’s past my bedtime.  Alas, we are under quarantine due to the pandemic.  So, I thought I’d invite you over for a virtual brunch by sharing pictures of six recent meals we had here at home under quarantine.  Let me know which one you’d like me to make for you if we were able to share a meal. 

With such a dynamic and isolating environment—no  more restaurants, fewer meals away from home–grocery stores are still reasonably stocked with food (especially produce). I hope these pictures inspire you to invest time in your kitchen, your health and those you love.

I realize that as time goes on, our situation may be changing. But for this moment in time, let’s do brunch!

Links for the above: homemade mayonnaise, black pepper squid, sweet potato waffles, Why Liver?

And, in case you were thinking an unkind thought:  no, hipsters did not ruin brunch with avocado toast. 

Bonus:  most of the meals are keto, paleo, Wise Traditions, and/or Plant Paradox friendly.

Stay briny,



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