Glorious Halibut

halibut and millet.1
Yummy Glorious Halibut!

The halibut is a noble fish. In fact, it has in the past been referred to as holy, flat fish.  This renowned bottom-feeding fish can reach a size exceeding 500 hundred pounds.  It is the largest of the flat fish, with both eyes on the right side of the body.  With a diet replete in small crustaceans, the halibut is the Kobe beef of the sea.  Succulent, tasty and meaty, halibut needs little to curate its goodness.

Kit and Halibut

Number 1 son with a halibut that he harvested during  his Alaska fishing summer.

But, let’s gild the halibut for one glorious meal!

In this recipe, halibut meets the forest and farm in a tangy and savory dish that uses prosciutto, lemon, arugula, and mushrooms . . . as well as butter.   The meal comes together very quickly, making it a great dinner party option or even weeknight family meal.  Serve it over a bed of rice, millet, spaghetti squash, or polenta—choose your favorite flavor profile! (In this recipe, I served it over millet that had been simmered in fish and ginger broth.)

Ingredients (serves 2)

  • ¼- ½ lb fresh halibut (salt and pepper both sides)
  • 4-6 mushrooms, sliced large
  • ¼ C chopped prosciutto
  • Avocado oil (you will probably need 3 T to ¼ C)*
  • 3 T grass-fed butter
  • 3 C arugula or spinach
  • ¼ C lemon juice
  • Water
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1 C cooked millet (or rice or sorghum or other cooked starch such as risotto)

Add avocado oil and sauté prosciutto ‘til slightly crisp. Remove.  Add mushrooms and more avocado oil if needed.  Sear until nicely browned.  Remove.   Hold all cooked items in 200 F oven while preparing the rest.  Checking to see if there is adequate oil (if not, add more), sauté halibut (skin side down first) for 3 minutes.  Flip and sauté until desired (usually 1-2 minutes).  Set aside in warm oven.

BTW, warm your plates in this same oven.

Now, deglaze the pan with lemon juice and water until shimmery and silky. (Scrape in all that super good fond that is left from the fish.)  Add back in the sautéed mushrooms and most of the prosciutto (save a little to sprinkle on top).  Heat to boiling and add arugula/spinach.  Take off heat right away and add butter in small cubes. Stir until incorporated to make a velvety sauce.

To plate:

Spoon your warm millet (or rice or whatever) into the dish. Top with warm halibut and spoon over the mushroom/arugula/prosciutto mixture with the sauce. Sprinkle the remaining crispy prosciutto pieces on top and enjoy.

I prepared my meal to be Plant Paradox friendly by using millet. I was surprised at how tasty it was!

*About oil amounts:  no one tells you this, but depending upon your pan and other ingredients, you will need more or less oil than recipes indicate.  Use your judgement.

halibut and millet
Mr. Artifact really liked  this.

My friend Bill wondered what other fish can be used, as halibut can be hard to find and pretty expensive in some places.  If no halibut, I’d pick a sturdy fish–preferably a filet, such as salmon (wild sockeye my favorite), rockfish or snapper.    If cod is what you have available, consider making the  Fresh and Simple Cod and Tomato, which is baked and less likely to result in the cod falling apart.


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    Looks delicious!


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