New York Steak of Mine

In the 1970’s Billy Joel penned his famous “New York State of Mind” song.

The useful steak profiled here is the “New York Steak of Mine”.

Cut from farther back on the rib section, it is very flavorful and less fatty than a ribeye (but who cares) AND less expensive (OK, now we’re talking!).  Treat it right by amping up the simple spices and searing it on the grill or your fave cast iron pan, and you’ll never be lonely.

Serves 2 (and some leftovers!)

  • 1 lb NY steak
  • salt (smoked is great)
  • pepper (fresh cracked is super)
  • butter and peanut oil  (1-2  T each)
steak.left 2
Who will eat this leftover?  Me!!

Pepper both sides of steak liberally (even more than you think is sane).   Salt one side*. Heat oil/butter til almost smoking.  Add steak.

Rule of thumb is 5 minutes per side for medium rare. Depending upon your thickness of steak this may be more or less.  I usually do side 1 for 5 minutes, then turn over and do the poke test (the more dense, the more done–medium rare (MR) is same resilience as the meaty part of your palm right below your thumb when your hand is closed gently).   I have found that MR is achieved with an average steak cooked 5 minutes on side 1 and 2-3 minutes on side 2.  The carry-over cooking while resting (covered for 2 minutes) takes care of the rest.

*There is a school of thought that opines that NO salt should be added during the grilling/cooking.  Balderdash.  I add a liberal amount of smoked salt to one side only (usually the first side grilled).  No ill effects or feared “toughness” have ever materialized.  In fact, I have had very tasty steaks using even Lawry’s Seasoned Salt. . . don’t tell.

Get your jollies by watching 6 seconds of the sizzling steak.

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