Fang and the Cat Whisperer

Fang the Calico Kitty
Warning:  this is a post for cat people.  Don’t bother reading further if you aren’t feline oriented.  It will just frustrate you and cause you to stop reading my posts.
There was a farmer had a cat
And Fango was her name-o
And Fango was her name-o.
Actually, her name is Fang.    No “o”.
Fang came to us as a feral kitten.  She had a sister, Bobiya, a manx who looked like a killer whale.  They were born in the barn of our neighbor.
“Do not handle them unless you are wearing leather gloves,” warned our neighbor.
“Ha!  I scoff at danger.  I am the cat whisperer! “ I thought as I politely declined  his advice.
That evening, I went to make friends with my new kitties in the laundry room.  Frankly, all the family members heard on the other side of the door was ,”holy shit, owwww!”  This is somewhat like the scene in Young Frankenstein when the young doctor goes in to make friends with the Monster.  He tells his assistants that no matter what they hear, they are not to open the door.
What happened to me was reminiscent of the Young Frankenstein movie. This little calico kitty did not want my attention. Instead, she bit me through my thumbnail completely.  No kidding!  She pierced my thumbnail (and construction workers say they have it tough!).  Then, she hissed at me and made a Tasmanian Devil dance all over my knee cap.  Her claws went through my jeans as quickly as her fangs went through my thumbnail.  I suppose I could have added some decorative hardware to the thumb piercing, but that’s just not my style, baby.  All healed in a couple months to allow me to comport my way in polite society without any notice.
More on Fang later.

Just thought you’d like to meet her.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ahhh i remember this 🙂


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