Broth Diary 2015

The penultimate post about broth where I finally figure out what I’m doing.

Vinagre (Pique): Puerto Rican Vinegar Condiment

This may become your favorite flavoring! Vinagre, also referred to as pique, in Puerto Rico is a standard condiment in most homes and at restaurants. The pineapple skins release juice that ferments to make a fruit vinegar that is rich in the enzyme bromelian and vitamin C.

Winnie’s Posole

First order of business: how in the heck do you pronounce this stuff?

Fresh and Simple Cod and Tomato

Personally, I like to buy my cod frozen at sea (insert visual of me freezing my rear off in a row boat as I try to buy cod somewhere in the icy reaches of the Pacific Ocean). 

What’s Going On? Kimchi

Talk to me, so you can see Oh, what’s going on I was tempted to relax on the front porch swing, reading about Sunset Magazine’s recommendations for awesome National Parks and watching Mr. Artifact refinish another chair.  However, a news story about the tragedy in South Korea was fresh in my mind.  Earthquake?  Mudslide? Famine? …