Get Fraiche with Me


You keep your hands to yourself in making this simple and scrumptious hybrid between sour cream and fresh cream.  All you need is heavy whipping cream (I prefer organic—and better yet, raw cream) and true cultured buttermilk (fav is Bulgarian cultured).

Ready.  Set.  Go.

  • To 1 C cream* add 2-3 T of cultured buttermilk.
  • Let set overnight or longer until it forms a thick cream.
  • Cover and refrigerate.
*I prefer raw, organic cream.  This will make a traditional creme fraiche/Mexican crema that is a bit loose.  The pictures shown in this post used a traditional, organic and pasteurized heavy whipping cream.  That combo with the buttermilk results in a heavy bodied sour cream.  Why is this so?  My explanation is that the raw milk has bacteria and enzymes that compete with those in the buttermilk; whereas, the pasteurized cream is a blank slate for the buttermilk cultures to work unimpeded.    Made with raw cream, this I prefer for taste.  However, for body and traditional sour cream uses, the pasteurized cream is better in my opinion.

Lasts 3 weeks.


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