T Day Meal Inspiration #3

Here is installment #3 in a series to help jumpstart your Thanksgiving planning. See #1 and #2 also. If you’ve read the other two posts you know that these menus are simply ideas, without judgement. I fully admit some of the ideas are loopy, but fun should not be dis-invited from this most important day.

Now, of course, with 2020 being the weird year it is–with travel and social restrictions “bearing” down on us all–you may be making these meals for yourself alone. In that case, at least put a Teddy bear at the table. I understand that they prefer salmon to clams, so you may need to make some adjustments.


  • Appetizer: Platter of coppa/soppressata/dried fruit/nuts/cheese and honey
  • Soup: Clams or mussels in tomato wine broth
  • Main: Roasted turkey with herbs
  • Sides: Dressing of sourdough bread/garlic/onions/celery/sausage, super greens with bacon, amazing mashed potatoes/celeriac with gravy
  • Salad: Marinated salad of fava/garbanzo/red pepper/olives/artichokes/onions on butter lettuce
  • Dessert:  Pumpkin cake with walnuts

Traditional Reinvented

  • Appetizer:  Skewers of cubed mortadella/red grape/green olive/herbed goat cheese ball
  • Soup:  Parsnip vichyssoise
  • Main:  Turkey with preserved lemons
  • Sides: Dressing of dried cherries/shallots/millet/cabbage,  roasted sweet potatoes and baconnaise
  • Salad:  Wilted spinach with marinated mushrooms/crab sourdough croutons
  • Dessert:  Pumpkin flan with lime whipped cream/roasted pumpkin seeds

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