Old Friends

I am researching old friends from the 1980’s on the internet.

Oh, wow, Steve looks really old, but he is the Chief Operating Officer of . . .


A BAT flies over my head! Right over me!

I scream!  Eeeeek!

Then I turn around:

Lily chow dog runs to me from the other room;

Fang calico cat leaps on Lily dog face!

Oh no!

Fang cat thinks Lily dog is attacking me.

Lily dog thinks I’m in distress.

I have to jump down and disengage cat from dog face.

The bat is gone.

Back to the internet . . .

Steve looks really old.


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  1. I know. That’s what happens around here when you leave the windows open. LOL


  2. Carole Morgan says:

    OMG! A bat in the house?

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