Forgotten Blogs: Three Snacks and a Lumberjack

I am always taking pictures of food and scenery with the intention of turning them into interesting blog posts.  However, that doesn’t always happen.   Then, later, I review the pictures and can’t remember how they were supposed to fit into the blog.  Oy!  To make good use of the leftovers, I’ve paired some with Haikus.  So here are three snacks and one lumberjack.  Enjoy.

20160205_200609 (2)
Fish chowder that was awesome.
I spy some red roe.
4tree project
Mr. Artifact
Thinks he is a lumberjack.
Glad for insurance.
Spaceship vegetable.
So crisp, tasting like cabbage.  
I want to eat you.
End of harvest toil.
Pulled from fertile, clinging soil.
Needs some olive oil.



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