A Little Cooking Music


Most of the time I don’t have any music in the kitchen when I’m cooking.  But awhile ago I uncovered No 1 daughter’s sound system that she left behind when she went off to college.  (Actually, she couldn’t have anything in her room at the USMA, so I guess I just sort of took it over.  Now if she reads this, she is sure to ask for it back! J)  Thinking to put it to good use in time for Christmas music, I set it up in the corner and pulled out some of my favorite CDs.  I had forgotten how much fun it was to cook with music in the background.  Here are 10 keepers that go great with anything you’re making and any mood you’re in.
1.      Pink Martini—Hang On Little Tomato
2.      Michael Hedges—Aerial Boundaries
3.      Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66—Greatest Hits
4.      Great Big Sea—The Hard and the Easy
5.      Dolly Parton—The Grass is Blue
6.      Electric Light Orchestra—Greatest Hits
8.      Huun-Huur-Tu—the Orphan’s Lament (Tuvan throat singing)
9.      Paul Winter Consort—Earthbeat
10.  Frank Sinatra—Greatest Hits
What are yours?

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