Furikake (WTF?)

What The Furikake?


My friend Jean recounted a wonderful dinner party she had with her family and salmon furikake.   It sounded like they had such a good time, and I know Jean to be a down-to-earth eater whose father supplied Alice Waters with mulberries.  What better foodie recommendation could I have to try this Japanese seasoning?
But, “What in the world is fuikake?”, you ask–as did I.  Furikake is a Japanese rice seasoning.  The usual predominant ingredient is bonito (tuna) flakes, but it also has seaweed and sesame (and some sugar).  Different variations exist–unfortunately, many with MSG.
I went on a shopping bonanza in “town” (Spokane) at one of the three Asian markets over Christmas,  and I was ecstatic to see an ample selection of furikake..   I must have been jumping up and down in delight, as Mr. Artifact and Number One Son rounded the aisle, wondering if I needed assistance.
Since this adventure, I have acquired Noritamago Furikaki (sesame, wheat, dried yolk powder, sugar, salt, shaved bonito, and seaweed), Katsuo Fumi Furikaki (shaved bonito, sesame seed, sugar, salt, soy sauce, seaweed), and Aji Nori Furikake (roasted sesame seed–white and black, sugar, green seaweed).
Here is what I have done with the amazing furikake so far:
  • Noritamgo: sprinkled on homemade mayonnaise that topped some salmon baked in black bean curd sauce and served with rice.
  • Katsuo:  seasoned grilled fish and served with a pho broth (with noodles, green onions, green chiles,  sautéed garlic, and shredded Daikon and carrot);  rolled rice balls in some.
  • Aji Nori:  made Chex Mix Furikake.  Here’s my favorite recipe.  Having made this several times, I can advise that you may want to turn the oven to 200 and be sparing with the sauce–it is easy to overdo it.  Some day I will put up a picture of it, but so far it never lasts long enough. How can anything with Bugles in it be bad?  (Answer:  easily.)
All are pretty yummy and will be a great addition to your pantry.
What have you done with furikake?
Stay briny,

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