Stacey’s Secret Spice Rub

This actually takes some effort to make, but it will last for a long time in your cupboard. The best flavor is derived from harvesting your own tomatoes and onions and dehydrating them.  If you cannot do this,  I have offered some options below.

(to grind any of these ingredients to powder form, you will need a spice grinder or a coffee grinder)
½ C ground dried onions* (dry your own onions to grind or purchase and grind dried onion flakes)
¼ C garlic powder
3 T Kosher salt
4 T raw cane sugar (the blocky, cubey kind that is sort of tan)
1 T ground black pepper (don’t bother grinding it from corns, just use the stuff in the can.  The smoked pepper is especially tasty!)
¼ C Italian seasoning
2 T Stacey’s dried ground tomato skins* (I really like to dehydrate the leftover skins from tomatoes after I’ve been making sauce.  But, this is probably impractical for most folks.  You can slice 25-30 cherry tomatoes and dehydrate them to get a good result.  Add some red pepper flakes when you grind them into powder or skip the dehydrating state and just grind some purchased sundried tomatoes with the pepper flakes to make 2 T.  You will likely need to dry roast your sun dried tomatoes in the oven or dehydrator to get rid of the chewy tendency. When they are crispy, they are ready to grind.  Do not ever put moist ingredients into this mix, as it will mold.  OR–tomato powder hack:  you can buy tomato powder from
2 T curry powder
2 t chili powder
2 T granulated sugar (table sugar like you put on your cereal. Yea, I know there was already sugar in this recipe)
Combine and store in a covered jar in your cupboard until needed.
*To dry onions and tomatoes—separate processes:  use a food dehydrator and follow the directions.
Note:  everyone these days adds smoked Hungarian paprika to spice rubs.  It’s great.  If you want to add it to this recipe, slip in an extra tablespoon.  But if you can dehydrate your own homegrown tomatoes, that is the ultimate and you will really enjoy it.



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