Quiche for Humanity

Never underestimate the power of a homemade quiche to restore your faith in humanity.

Cheese Crumble

The best thing about the morning was a crumble of cheese.

Vaquero Pork and Beans

Our Rotary club hosted an international friendship exchange this weekend with some Australian Rotarians.  One of our dinners was a BBQ potluck, and I volunteered to bring pork and beans.  Wanting to serve something representative of this side of the pond, I went for the west coast: a Mexican cowboy version of pork and beans….

Cheese Grits Life Line

I had the most wonderful phone call today from my friend Ronald.  He called to say Merry Christmas and that he wondered if I could come to California to make fried chicken, waffles and cheese grits. I worked with Ronald for 9 years in California before moving to Washington.  On the last working day prior…