5-5-5 Instant Pot Eggs

With these fabulously fine 5-5-5 eggs, you can make deviled eggs and really let your analogies run wild.  However, unlike the Biblical evil beast, these eggs will only bring you closer to Heaven.

Yes, it’s true!  Hard boiled eggs are great in the Instant Pot!

With all the fanaticism about the Instant Pot nowadays, it’s common to hear folks claim that they can cook anything in this wonderful device.  But, frankly, it sometimes seems more like a cooking throw-down as opposed to something useful or time saving.

When I heard about people raving about their IP hard boiled eggs, I really thought that they were simply over enthusiastic.  “Yeah, I can boil an egg in a pot of water over a fire I made with two sticks!  Take that!” sort of thing.

On a Sunday with too much time on my hands and a strong desire to procrastinate about doing things truly useful, I decided to put the IP hard boiled egg legend to the test.

And it really worked.

In fact, the eggs truly were better tasting, better looking and easier to peel.

I’m a fan.

IP egg.sahara

This egg cracked in the cooking, so I was forced to eat it with homemade mayonnaise.



  • 5 minutes in the IP (manual setting) with 1 C water. (Use your rack to hold the eggs.)
  • 5 minutes natural de-pressure. (Don’t flip the pressure valve.)
  • 5 minutes in ice water bath.

That’s it!  I even made my first batch and did it wrong, and it still turned out great.  (I flipped the pressure release valve when done instead of letting it de-pressurize naturally . . .  oops . . . duh . . .  So I let it go for 10 minutes in the pot before dunking in the ice bath.)


Stay briny,



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