Pacific Wrenovations

picture from Audubon Society resource

The wrens have returned, and they love the bird house gourds we’ve put up for them.  We surrounded our outdoor seating area with gourds in order to get Nature’s surround-sound. Each gourd has a 2 inch or so sized bird hole angled toward the top, and the gourd secured to a limb or trunk.

From what we have been able to determine, the male stakes out the homestead and pretties it up to attract a mate.  In fact, he may even prepare multiple homes from which she can choose.

All our gourds are now on the avian real estate market with multiple visitors; some properties have already closed.

This cute little bungalow gourd attached to a pine right off our deck has a very determined home owner.  He has been inside doing renovations for a week.  I guess he doesn’t like the picture window or the kitchen cabinets!  Listen and watch to see his DIY work in action.

For more information, see this:

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