The Obituary of Miss Rowenta Toaster

Born in 1980, Miss Rowenta Toaster lived a charmed life in California, Georgia, Virginia and Washington.   She made 3,432 pieces of toast over her 33 year lifespan. During this time, she saw Germany re-united, making her West German statement of origin obsolete.   Her crumb tray was cleaned about 10 times, and her cord was a bit melted from incompetent stowage once in Virginia.  She had an expert facility with English muffins, sourdough, wheat, and cinnamon bread.  Bagels always were a challenge, but she attempted these without complaint.  Overall, she existed with aplomb among the human presence.  Last week, she was found unresponsive to dill bread.  Well done, little toaster.


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  1. Carole Morgan says:

    I certainly will try the Eggocadoo Breakfast. Looks yum


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