Strawberry Moon

strawberry moon 6.20.16 - Copy

June 20, 2016

As I write, a full moon over North America is reaching its peak.  This is not particularly unusual.  However, today is the summer solstice.  The last time a full moon and the summer solstice coincided was 70 years ago.  My parents were not even teenagers.  They are lucky enough to have two of these moons in their lifetime.  I will get only one.  My children may get two if they inherit the longevity and good health of their grandparents and great grandparents.

This rare occurrence is called a Strawberry Moon.  However, it is not because it looks like a strawberry, but because it signals the beginning of summer.  Native Americans noted that the first fruits–strawberries–came at this time.  Hence, the name.  I have to admit that over the last five days we have had more strawberries than ever.  In fact, I even had so many that I added them to a rhubarb and white currant jam yesterday.

My all-time favorite song is Serenade (Steve Miller).  It seems so fitting for this day.  Wake up and look around you!

Did you see the lights
As they fell all around you
Did you hear the music
Serenade from the stars

Wake up, wake up
Wake up and look around you
We’re lost in space
And the time is our own

(Steve Miller, Serenade 1976)


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  1. Kathy mills says:

    Just enjoyed the wonderful Japanese bread! It was baked by my neighbor and dear friend who also just returned from Japan. It was moist and visually a beautiful loaf! Love your website Stacy, I’ll be following…


    1. Stacey says:

      so glad you liked the bread!


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